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In 2016 Facebook’s partnership with Semi Permanent saw an extensive collaboration across a range of creative executions showcasing local artistic talent using a variety of Facebook products. AVANT worked with Semi Permanent’s network of creatives to find artist’s suitable to each platform. The final results saw 5 major creative executions delivered across a 3 month period.


The campaign was launched on site at Semi Permanent with Daniel Mitchell’s short film Moments to Memories, being released online and simultaneously showcased on purpose built plinths. These plinths featured key branding and interactive opportunities for engagement with the project and brands.  


Daniel Mitchell - Short Film 

The direction of Daniel Mitchell’s short film was inspired by the sense of possibility and wonderment that he felt as an immediate response to the Winters image. He looked to capture this experience in his short film, ‘Moments to Memories’. 

Julian Meagher - Cinemagraph

Julian Meagher is a renowned Australian artist. His unique approach to oil painting has seen him place as a finalist in both 2014 & 2015’s Archibald and Wynne Prize. We worked with Julian to bring his craft to Facebook through an animated Cinemagraph. Inspired by the Dan Winter’s image, Julian presented a self portrait, looking to explore themes of self examination and reflection for the project.  

Sylvè Colless - Carousel 

For the carousel platform, we worked with Australian photographer, Sylvè Colless. Exploring themes of nostalgia, innocence and change, Sylvè’s style and direction was inspired by the connection between old world and new world captured in the Dan Winters image.

Alex Smith - 360 Video

Working with a medium that is still somewhat new and unexplored, we collaborated with Alex Smith and the production team at Will O’Rouke to create ‘Server Room Symphony’. With over 139K views on Facebook, this part of the project was reviewed on AdWeek US as best in class globally for 360 social video. 


Smith wanted to create a fun and exciting experience which encouraged the viewer to truly engage with the entire film. Inspired by a range of influences he wanted to recreate the feeling of intimacy and proximity experienced when jammed into a Photo Booth and the sense of anticipation when waiting for the flash.

Keane Hughes - Canvas

The final execution for the project was a Canvas experience which looked to provide an overview of each of the creatives and their work. To bring this experience to life we worked with graphic designer Keane Hughes to create a visual representation of each of the personalities associated with the previous creative works. 


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