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In 2017 to launch Semi Permanent’s partnership with Lexus, AVANT produced a collaborative exhibition, ideated by Lexus and Semi Permanent, celebrating the launch of the LC500.

The ‘Hidden Artistry’ exhibition was a showcase of creativity and craftsmanship, an exploration of the hidden stories of dedication and innovation found in the LC500 and across the brand values of Lexus. 


To showcase the stories, AVANT worked with five Sydney creatives, each leading in their field, to produce a piece of art to be exhibited at Semi Permanent. 


George Nicholas - Sound

Well known in Australian club and indie music circles under monikers, Seekae and Cliques, George Nicholas is a composer, producer and musician. His challenge for the Lexus project was to create a piece of music which worked with the immersive lighting show and also showcased the LC’s sound system and engine samples. 

Simone Chua - Movement

The inspiration of Simone’s work came from a desire to explore and represent elements which are primarily unseen. ‘Kinetic’ is an electronic sculpture designed to bring light and movement to the role of aerodynamics and how this issue has physically shaped the LC.  The sculpture also provided an exploration of the role of technology and art and the balance between the two. 

Dion Horstmas - Craftmanship

As a sculptor, Dion’s piece for the project was less about the final product and more about the focus on the processes involved in the creation of his work. The hand crafted and refined, yet industrial and stark piece of work, provided a perfect exploration for the experience of craftsmanship involved in the creation of the LC. 

Toby & Pete - Lighting 

Inspired as a direct response to the design features of the tail lights in the LC 500, Toby & Pete created an immersive light and sound experience. The impact of the art was created by a specially programmed lighting and laser show which was designed to play across a 3mx3m acrylic prism rigged from the roof. The effect created was truly mesmerising and the sense of infinity captured within the prism was key to the story of
the LC. 


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