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Partner with TEDxSydney to bring storytelling workshops to your team

TEDxSydney has recently started offering an additional option for parters and sponsors with "storytelling workshops".

CEO Magazine recently featured a story on the initial success of these workshops and how businesses can create bespoke client and team events with TEDxSydney to educate on the skills and power of storytelling in business.

Excerpt from CEO Magazine:

When an international tech company approached TEDxSydney with the idea to deliver a storytelling workshop to their team as part of a company conference, TEDxSydney had been thinking about how to extend its reach into the B2B space.

“We have created our global reputation within the TEDx world, and beyond, as people who can deliver a high-quality experience at scale. We’re already a go-to event for many organisations and teams looking to motivate and inspire their people,” TEDxSydney Founder Remo Giuffré says.

“And we do get a lot of group bookings. We also have a very vibrant set of corporate partners who love to engage with our members in ways that align themselves with our values – innovation and creativity.

To learn more about the TEDxSydney storytelling workshops and how your business can get involved, contact Cassandra Kevin, Head of Partnerships TEDxSydney.


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